Monday, 9 February 2009

4 kids on a boat

4 kids on a boat This is a work in progress. If I thought achieving a likeness with one person was bad enough, getting a likeness with 4 is more than 4 times as difficult. There's probably some mathematical equation somewhere, Leonardo Da Vinci has probably already worked it out. I'm reasonably happy with likenesses of 3 - so in the words of Meatloaf (applying Victor Borges' inflation principle) sing with me, "3 out of 4 ain't bad."

Yesterday I worked on my Royal Academy entry. I've used an entire tube of blue acrylic and had to stop until I get some more. Not used to working on such a large picture.

I'm getting reasonably confident about my abilities now and I've finally taken on board the concept that I'm never going to be 100% happy with my pictures but will always be wanting to improve. That's a good thing. Needless to say making the art is only half of the process, I need to get my work "out there" - sound like a line from X files. As a result I've been exploring promotion and marketing ideas. Consequently, I've spent far too long -brain numbingly long - applying labels to my blog retrospectively. I'm not a technophobe but it takes me a while to grasp all the elements of a new technology gadget - alright new to me. I've just been reading about twittering in sounds useful steps... I'm about 2/5th the way through but decided to stop before I lost the will to live, or at least all feeling between my ears. Now, back to the drawing. Then onto the next celebrity...

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