Wednesday, 11 February 2009

4kids on a boat

4kids on a boat I was having a really good day today until Siobhan told me she didn't like the caricature of her and friends. She wanted a portrait!!!!! "A prophet in his home town..." comes to mind. That more or less killed my enthusiasm for this one, but I finished it. It still needs some finishing touches but it's midnight and I think it might be better served with fresh eyes in the morning.

Yesterday my "inktense" pencils arrived and the supplier had included a set of faber artist's pens because the tin was slightly scratched. Royal mail had managed to chew the parcel so the tin was dented - fortunately all pencils were fine. As I purchased the item through ebay, I didn't want to leave negative feedback as it had been packed very well. I sent him an email just to let him know what had happened, just out of courtesy, not expecting anything. Well, he's now sending me another set of pens and a sketch book! What service!

This morning I finished applying the labels to the blog. After yesterday's efforts I was pleased to see a 47% increase in traffic yesterday. Hmm methinks labels might have had something to do with it. Talking of labels I must apologise if they seem a little unwieldy, I need to figure out how to display them more usefully. I also want to import a blog template but haven't figured out where to put it.

And as Zebadee would say "Time for bed!"

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