Sunday, 1 June 2008

There's a theme here!!!!!

Christopher EcclestonNo posts yesterday,out for most of the day and wasn't too happy with my drawings. I did some of Julie Walters as Mary Whitehouse which were reasonable but messy. I also spent some time drawing from live TV but no decent likenesses. The wine probably didn't help the live drawings though!

Today was much better. I'm really pleased with the likeness of Christopher Eccleston here. I managed the facial likeness in about 10 minutes, spent a bit longer on the body. The whole drawing was ink first draw. I'm feeling pretty confident about 22nd at the moment, until I remember it's only 3 weeks away...

I've noticed there seems to be a theme developing here, or rather, I should say, a theme has developed, Doctor Who. I admit it, I'm a fan! I think it might be time to upload some pictures of other celebrities from now on...

Having said that, there are a lot of people who've done guest appearances, I might have a go at some of them, wait and see.

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