Tuesday, 3 June 2008


Graham Norton This is yesterday's attempt. I thought it was about time I started using colour again. I'm a little rusty but at least he's not green! I thought I'd better include it at the state it is in. I don't think it's finished yet, still some work to do with the shadows around the nose and ear. They make his nose look too square. His hair is darker on the photo but I quite like the colouring I've got so I'm tempted to leave it. Hopefully you can recognise it as Graham Norton, it's more of a portrait than a caricature but the funny expression does tend to make it slightly comic. I think I've kept it too portrait like by using the fine pen. I'm trying to keep the watercolour washes light so they don't turn into mud - an effect that is fine in the right place, but I don't like it on faces.

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