Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Robin Meade making news.

So, this week it's a request. Robin Meade
You can get CNN in the UK. But I like the BBC's news on the main channels! 24 hour news broadcasting bores me to tears. You get what you need in about 10 minutes and the rest is waffle and comment!

Anyway, news is good. Especially with so much going on in the world over the last fortnight. Moubarak being ousted in Eygpt, Earthquakes in New Zealand, Uprising against Gaddafi, and so on... I pray they find a peaceful solution to their issues internally!

Sorry did I ramble on then?
So, Robin Meade, I hadn't heard of her before the request. Now, having done a little research...I find she's pretty, intelligent, has a great job!

...I think I might possibly hate her!

Seriously though, I think I might on a subconscious level. Some caricatures seem to practically draw themselves.
But there are some, like Robin here, I struggle with.
No matter how many times I try something is wrong. (Hmm. Maybe it is jealousy?)
But I need to post her today, so here she is. Flaws and all!
But she is seriously much prettier than this. And I refuse to be mean, so Robin "Sorry!!! "

I feel the need for a redraw... perhaps next week I'll get her right!
...and maybe in colour!?

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