Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Katy Price - scary how she looks like Freddie Mercury

Katy Price could never be described as a shrinking violet!

She's someone people either love or hate. I'm very much in the latter category. But on Saturday she did manage to attract my attention and make me smile.

A bit like car-crash TV perhaps but Katy Price 'dancing' to "I want to Break Free" in the style of the original Queen Video!

First Let me give you the original by Queen
I'd be happy to stop there!

But, alas, continue I must...

So, for comparison the Katy Price's version...

Inspired. (This from a lifelong fan who hates covers) A woman playing a man dressed as a woman, with no attempt at realism! The movement was completely wrong... there were inaccuracies from the original video...

But somehow it didn't matter. 

No! What struck me was...

How visually convincing she is as Freddie!

Don't believe me?

Take a closer look at my caricature of Katy...

There, told you!

So, do you have any suggestions for celebrity lookalikes? 

And no cheating! They have to be celebrities who look like other celebrities!

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