Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Mad men or mad me?

You may be surprised to hear I don't follow Mad Men! Especially as I've spent far too long learning about marketing over the last year.

But I can't help knowing it exists, such is its popularity! Ha ha the power of Advertising perhaps?

There's no doubt advertising can be a powerful force.
Nike, De Beers, Marlborough Man, have all had significant influence. Read more about that here,  if you don't believe me!

The Mad Men promos suggest a dog eat dog world where ruthless men are king. Well, it is set in the 1950's- outdated values should be rife.

Such as if you're female, pretty and brazen enough... it's quite easy to become famous whilst have absolutely no talent. I'll leave you to fill in the gaps...
Oh! Hang on, nothing's really changed there...except that brazen means BRAZEN!

I'm not convinced,  I prefer the content marketing approach myself.  But hey, I'm not trying to become a household name!
Scratch that, I am trying to become a household name, but for the right reasons!

I want people to know me primarily for my work. If they need to know more about me to get that done. That's fine! But to a limit.

In an age of the reality TV celebrity, it's always refreshing to hear about real talent achieving success. There is obviously talent behind Mad Men and those associated with the success deserve the celebrity.

Of course, I may be being unintentionally ironic here, and would never know! Although, I doubt it, the show seems to be applauded.

Any way here  is Christina Hendricks. Who plays Joan P Harris/nee Holloway.

In Black and White...of course!


Iris said...

Love your blog! I have a request. I would love to see a caricature of Robin Meade! She is a news anchor on CNN headline news/ country singer. It would be great to see a caricature of her! Thanks!

Drawn to Caricature said...

Thank you Iris, glad you're enjoying the blog!
I'm always happy to do new faces. I'll see what I can come up with!

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