Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Jo Brand, you have to be insane to work here!

Psychiatric nurse to comedian!
I worked in the old psychiatric hospitals myself. I learned that staff and patients shared more similarities than differences! Sometimes you wondered if you were treating the right people!

So, It comes as no surprise that Jo Brand's spent 10 years as a psychiatric nurse. In that situation you have to develop a sense of humour, or quietly go insane!

I created a portrait of Jo Brand in my mixed media class last week. We were doing famous face and depicting character. I felt she needed a corresponding caricature!

Not sure I have  likeness. To be honest! She's reminding me of Claire Rayner!

My portrait was better! What do you think? Photo courtesy of

I admit I wasn't a fan of Jo Brand when I first saw her. But over the years she's grown on me. Her reversal of social stereotypes has been particularly refreshing.

Now all the female comedians are doing it.

I also suspect men are a bit scared of her! Mind you, she's less aggressive than she was in her youth.
...Although still as quick witted.

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