Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Mark Gatiss - An Edwardian man of our times?

Many apologies for my absence last week. I won't bore you with excuses.. You know, about being snowed under. But if you want to know why, look here!

Last Friday Andrew and I went to the theatre! You know, the sort of things where adults where normal clothes and don't go around making strange noises or pretending to be things they're not...um!
...Hang on a minute, did I really say that?,
What I mean is where people perform for adults, not children. You know Proper "Grown Up" theatre.
We went to "An evening with Mark Gatiss." He's one of those people you probably know. But aren't necessarily aware you know him. His recent writing and acting credits include Doctor Who and Sherlock.  The evening followed a "Chat show" format but entertaining none the less.

He confesses to be obsessed by the Edwardian era, particularly the spirit of Derring Do such as embodied in the failed Antarctic expedition lead by Robert FalconScott. His most recent TV appearance in the UK was a dramatisation on HG Wells "The first Men in the moon". One of the factors which prompted our Theatre trip.

It therefore seemed only fitting to depict him in full Edwardian Garb!

Now, who shall I do next week? Any obscure celebrity suggestions?

I love a contradiction!

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