Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Siousie Sioux

Aah Siousie Sioux.. a childhood idol of mine. You might have noticed feminist leanings in my political views. I’m all for recognition of talent! Whatever it’s origins!

Despite comments about attractiveness being a requirement for commercial success these days! I’ve always thought she was attractive! But her dress was confrontational and iconic! Like many of her era! Naturally, black was the only colour choice!

©Cathy Read -Siousie Sioux

Sometimes, Sexuality seems to be the only selling point these days! Boy I sound like my mother! But it’s always been there. Mini skirts and skimpy tops have been around since the 1960’s. There’s nothing new under the sun! Just discovered anew by each generation!

Personally, I was never comfortable wearing skimpy clothes, although many of my contemporaries did!  Maybe not quite as blatantly as now, but short skirts seemed compulsory. I always felt in many situations, wearing a short skirt stops you from being taken seriously! It’s hard to hold a serious conversation with someone when all they’re looking at is you legs, or cleavage! Hollywood depictions have a lot to answer for there! But looking at Siousie here, she managed sexy, there’s more than a hint of the dominatrix in her attire. Yet she’s completely covered!

Siousie conveyed ATTITUDE in an era when women were still expected to dress “nicely”. I always felt Debbie Harry - contemporary of hers - dressed to please the men. But not Siousie, she dressed to please herself. The clothes were important but as a statement of who she was! She looked cool, aggressive, daring but still sexy. And a generation of women will always be grateful for it!

And the current young generation could learn a lot from her!

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