Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Danni Minogue… is she still on X-factor?

There’s been a big scandal this week about the use of “Autotune” on X factor!

As a singer myself the thought of using a sound technology to make up for lack of singing ability appals me! I’ve never sought a career as a singer, but I’ve always had a good singing voice. I regularly lead worship singing and I’ve never needed artificial assistance. And trust me, I’d be told if I was off key – or at least never invited to sing again! And I’ve been a regular for over 15 years.

I’ve also heard plenty of great singers live! So why would anyone who’s any good need an autotune? Surely it’s a basic that a singer MUST be able to sing in tune? Or am I missing something here?

I feel like being bitchy and saying “So that’s how all those Pretty girls (and boys) become famous when they can’t sing! The technology does it for them!” I don’t think I’m jealous. No, honest, I don’t! But is it too much to want to hear decent singers? And not pretty, half-naked, wanabees who wouldn’t know a well pitched melody line from their elbow.

And the nudity is another issue, I understand men would probably disagree! But am I the only person who wants to see female celebrities cover up more? I don’t find it in the least attractive! Less is more as they say! Although they may think that’s what they’re doing? Rolls eyes. I’m not averse to nudity, heck, I do life drawing. But there’s a time and place and I think certain types of dress prevent an artist from being taken seriously! Take Beyonce… she’s talented, she sings songs about being an independent woman! But how many men really pay attention to her voice? Honestly?

I heard a quote from Siousie Sioux  around the time of the Susan Boyle phenomenon. Siousie felt women were under more pressure to look good now than when she started her career. I fear she may be right! But what went wrong?

Musical talent should be heard…being seen is irrelevant! Why, in an age of “acceptance and equality” are we even more obsessed with image? I know, this from a visual artist! What can I say, I love music, and want to see talent not fakery!

Anyway, back to the X-factor!

Danni Minogue

Now, last time I checked Danni Minogue was an X factor judge! Which is why I chose her for my subject this week. OK, I admit it, I have a real problem keeping up with the ins and outs of the current celebrities! Maybe the link is tenuous, but hey, it’s fairly topical! And there’s something about a baby…last month!

I’ve heard Danni sing, but I couldn’t tell you whether she used Autotune. Let’s assume not, for legal reasons! And her older sister is Kylie! And she has to compete with her success! I would sympathise! But Danni’s not exactly struggling herself!

I think I might do Siousie Sioux next week!

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