Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Ooh, Matron! Peggy Mitchell’s in a pickle! Carry on with the caricatures of Hattie Jacques and Barbara Windsor.

Apparently Peggy Mitchell might meet a sticky end in Eastenders later on this year. Something about the Old Vic going up in flames… will she survive? I don’t know. To be honest, I don’t think I care!

I gave up Eastenders about 20 years ago! It’s too depressing, As Bill Bailey says if you listen to the Eastenders theme, It sounds like…

“Everyone is going to Die!” I might let him elaborate!


Although if Bill did the music like this, I might be tempted back…

Peggy Mitchell is of course played by Barbara Windsor who is a British National Treasure. Made Famous in the Carry On films. Love them or hate them they were a stalwart of British television during the 60’s and 70’s, when I was growing up.

Very much bawdy seaside humour some images are indelibly linked to it. Barbara in various states of undress being one…

Barbara Windsor

…another is Hattie Jacques in full “Matron” mode! You really need Kenneth William’s voice there!

Hattie Jacques

If you’re not familiar with Barbara and Hattie, here’s a little clip of them both in action together. Very dated now and completely unPC! But still funny. They’ve both done much better work sadly not much of Hattie’s is on YouTube but I found this one. By no means her best, but worth a look!

A greatly underestimated comedian!

That’s enough comedy for now. Maybe it’s time for some singers next week. Who would you like to see? Please send me your suggestions!

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