Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Jessica Alba – the invisible caricature - 1/4 fantastic four.

I’ve found out who Jessica Alba is now! Ironically I did know her, just not her name!
Knowing who she is at least helps me to identify an suitable comedic reference. I enjoyed “The fantastic four”, although mainly for Ioan Gruffudd who’s been a favourite of mine since he did Hornblower.Somehow, Jessica just can’t hold my attention in the same way! I wonder why?
(Raised eyebrows and wry smile)
My initial thought was a blank page. Good joke? Perhaps but a bit of a cheat.
I then thought about having a city skyline.
Just a city skyline. I really liked that idea. But it’s a bit of a cop out!
Eventually, I decided on this option!
 Jessica Alba 001
It’s a bit of a compromise but I like the overall effect.
To change the subject, my mother’s now a silver surfer. So I have to say “Happy Birthday Mum!”.
Finally, on a different topic, I’ve decided to drop the frequency of my blog entries. My original goal of daily is proving too time consuming. The content and my artwork are suffering. As I want to be an artist, not a professional blogger, spending hours writing blog entries is counter intuitive.
So, as of this post, I will be updating the blog once a week. On a Tuesday to avoid being caught up in Bank holidays. I may post more, if something exciting is happening but I’ve decided to commit to just one entry a week and improve the quality. Hopefully I’ll then have a group of caricatures to upload, rather than just the one.
So, what next? Hmm… I feel a fantastic four theme approaching!


Rachel said...

Big fan of your blog. I have a suggestion for a caricature to draw. I would love to see my favorite country singer caricaturized- Crystal Gayle. Not too many have drawn her and i think she would be a great caricature. Just the hair alone would be interesting to see caricaturized. Thanks!

Rachel said...
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Drawn to Caricature said...

Thank you for the compliment, glad you're enjoying the blog. Will see what I can come up with! The hair, yes THE HAIR!

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