Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Caricaturing the Fantastic 4 - I mean 3! Ioan Grudffud, Chris Evans and Michael Chiklis

After my Jessica Alba picture last week, this one is for the ladies. Why should men have all the eye candy?

So, to business, here is Michael Chiklis who plays “Thing”- well, from the neck down at least.

Michael Chiklis

Chris Evans

Next to him is Chris Evans who plays the “Human Torch” – not to be confused with this Chris Evans - the radio 2 DJ for all you Brits out there.

Before you ask. I decided to keep the heads “normal” for no particular reason. I just felt like it, OK? You got a problem with that?…

Ioan Gruffud

And finally the lovely Ioan Gruffud as Mr Fantastic!

Now there’s lovely! in Welsh accent

The “rubber man” as I prefer to call him. But then I’m not a Marvel comics aficionado! Not his best role, that will forever be “Hornblower” in my eyes. But then, he could read aloud a telephone directory and I’d be happy! There are few actors who share that honour.

So there we have my charictures  no carictures  no caricatures for the week. I’m really struggling with the spelling of caricatures today!!! My brains melting with all this fantastic 4 malarkey.

Next week - I’ve had a request Crystal Gale and I think I might do Dolly Parton as well. Go for a big hair or Country and Western theme – any suggestions?

See you next Tuesday!

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