Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Quick caricaturing Robert Pattinson– Going live again in May

Does the thought of sketching in front of a crowd scare you? Guess what, it terrifies me. So, why, oh why, oh why did I decide to do some more live caricaturing for a school Summer fete? My artistic efforts have been focussed in other areas so it’s about time I dug out those pens and got sketching.

I’ve routed out the Drawing Caricatures book by Doug Eyre – my caricaturing bible! All I’ve got to do is find some people to practice on. Oh, and continue with more “celebrities”, I tend to download them off the internet and print them off as large as I dare.

My biggest problem is deciding who to caricature. If you’ve any suggestions? I would love to hear them!

The next problem is usually if I don’t know them. Shocking though it may seem, I’m not familiar with many “celebrities” a distinct disadvantage when trying to caricature them.

Take Robert Pattinson here.

Robert Pattinson

I’ve had a real struggle to not call him Dan Patterson! (What can I say I love “Mock the Week!”) So, to make the caricature appropriate I need to link it to his fame or personality. If I don’t know them it can be hard. Still after a little research I think I might have an appropriate image of Dan, oops I mean Robert! He’s from that Twiglet zone* thingy, right?


Ohhhhhh “Twilight”, silly me!

He’s supposed to be a “nice” Vampire, yes? Isn’t that an oxymoron? How can he be nice if he’s a vampire? (Ow, my brain’s hurting just thinking how that could be possible!) Anyway, plot synopses are wonderful things if they’re accurate.

So, do I feel more prepared, slightly. But it’s time for the daily caricaturing challenge to resurface

Now who on earth shall I do next?

Help me please!!!!!!!!

*yes, I know Twiglet’s are snacks, we always called it that!

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