Saturday, 17 April 2010

Feeling the atmosphere while sketching – more plein air drawing

Sketching plein air is far more stimulating on the senses than sketching at home.

How so?

Well, there’s a tendency for elements of the environment like water, sand and mud to be incorporated in the sketch. Take today, sketching by the river with family and 2 dogs.

Dogs are so friendly, aren’t they? Don’t you just love the way they shake themselves right by you when they’ve had a dip in the river?


Or jump in puddles right beside you! Usually splashing the water right down the back of you neck!

My sketches were wet, muddy and smeary from attempts to wipe away mud before it dried. Important note to self, you should always check the ink is dry first!

Having said that, I escaped fairly well with these pages.


These are quick sketches. Children and dogs are very unforgiving so it’s an excellent discipline. I’ll hold the verdict on my success. There’s a hit of child and dogginess, I think, here at the top left. Forced to quit the right hand one due to time.

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