Friday, 2 April 2010

Ben Kingsley – Ghandi or The Hood, which is better?

There’s only one way to find out Fight. Sadly it’s not one Harry Hill has ever done! Someone suggest it to him will you!

As someone who enjoys films, Ben Kingsley is someone I’m familiar with, as an actor with kudos! Like many I’ve seen Ghandi, a superb performance! No problems there!

But I’m more familiar with his role as The Hood in Thunderbirds. The live action remake of the Superb Gerry Anderson Puppet series from the 1960’s. An enjoyable film but pandered too much to a juvenile audience so lost a lot of die-hard Anderson fans of more mature years. OK so I have geek tendencies! I do caricatures! Deal with it!

Back to dear Ben! A man of stature who plays powerful, noble roles… respected…admired..a knight of the realm no less. And to pay my respects

Dramatic Pause.

how can I not emphasise that wonderful

Drum role…


Ben Kingsley

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