Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Natalie Cole Caricature – funny how pictures evolve

Today’s caricature is a bit convoluted. I’ve been working on a picture of Natalie Cole. I’ve been getting my Coles mixed up. Recent publicity for Cheryl Cole put the name Cole in my head but when I googled images I looked for Natalie for some reason! I think Natalie’s a much bigger name globally so as I started thinking of Cole Natalie popped in there. Anyway as I did the face all I could think of was the song “I bust the window’s out your car” which is being played relentlessly on the radio – I have to admit I was really disappointed with the “Glee” video. It really doesn’t do justice to the power of the song – if I was that mad I’d probably do much, much more than a little stone through a car window. And why the cheerleaders dancing????? They detract from the music. Anyway, that’s not strong woman tactics that’s pampering to testosterone!!!! When I have strong woman fantasies, I’m the centre of attention, NOBODY else!! I’m sure I’m not alone in that. Or the backing singers would be what I’d consider eye candy – male dancers!

Anyway, I digress, the lyrics were running through my brain and this is the result.

Natalie Cole

I know she has dark skin, but until I find a way of doing them so they’re not blotchy, she’ll stay pale!!!! I think I might have to do another one of Cheryl in a similar pose with a nice Ashley number plate… time to Google again

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