Thursday, 4 March 2010

Life drawing

Last night’s life drawing class went really well, very warm, as usual. The model is normally very good and copes well with the various unflattering comments made by the tutor – admittedly about the drawing, not the model, but sometimes it’s hard to tell! However, last night, his comment that my drawing made her look like she had frogs legs resulted in a rapid change of pose. This is the revised pose. It went pretty well but I admit to neglecting the bottom right corner. (The photo’s very fuzzy so I’ll try re-photographing in natural light tomorrow –sorry if you’re looking before the switch. My lack of tripod is really frustrating sometimes. Actually I have a really good tripod, I’ve just lost the widget that attaches the camera to the tripod! I think Duck tape might be the option.)


Today has been very social with a few sketches and some more tweaking of websites and links. As I got back from dog walking the phone was ringing, did I want to meet 2 friend for coffee? That was hard – yes, of course! Got back at lunchtime and I started tweaking for a bit before doing some painting Then, just as was about to start on the “street skater”, another friend popped around and before we knew, it was school pickup time! Time flies, as they say! Still, there is still the evening left, I might have to get out the paints this evening…

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