Wednesday, 31 March 2010

How to go from sketch to finished painting?–part 4 –Lessons in masking - lettering in artwork

Stage 7

To be honest, I hate lettering!

Well, applying lettering in artwork that is. My style is more organic and flowing. I like movement and asymmetry. Letters require a degree of precision and a methodical approach!

Now, I ask you, does that sound even vaguely like me?

Precisely my point!

But, do you think I would change an idea which was essential to my art? Well, do you?

Absolutely, positively no! Which means I’ve got to face my demons and draw those fonts. Groan!

Which is why I spent most of today up to my eyeballs in frisket film! Drawing and redrawing lettering. Then the cutting out! So much cutting that I’ve no feeling in the tip of my right index finger. Try using a touchpad with a numb finger, weird. 

Anyway, I digress, the inspiration font is a complex design so I’m not quite ready to apply the black paint! Nearly but not quite. Mañana!

Masking is always a slow job. It needs to be done precisely. But the painting should be done in a flash. So, without further ado,and realising that there’s a lot left to mask… and, of course, I haven’t painted it yet!

Here’s the panel!


I just think it’s a shame I can’t leave the frisket film in place, I love the effect!

Next step, painting!

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Sarah said...

Hi Cathy, I wanted to thank you for visiting me :) And to say that I admire anyone who can draw, because in this area I am quite challenged! I look forward to your art and posts.

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