Saturday, 27 March 2010

How to go from sketch to finished painting?–part 2 –Transferring the Thumbnail to the board.

Can watching paint dry ever be exciting? Continuing from yesterday’s thrilling post. Ok so thrilling might be pushing it a bit, hey, a girl can try can’t she?

In any big project like this is there will always be some lengthy repetitive stages- i.e. the boring bits. Like painting a huge board all one colour and waiting for it to dry. It’s literally as exciting as watching paint dry! Early afternoon I painted a second blue coat to achieve a solid block of colour.

2nd coat

The plan was to return later and start the interesting stuff. Domestic chores nearly interfered with my return, but return I did.

Stage 4

Next, I marked out most of the main shapes. That was the plan before I ran out of masking tape – too late to buy anymore, curses! I continued with  pencil but the marks can’t be seen on the photograph here.

Masking out

Stage 5

I had enough time to apply some black paint, immediately removing the masking tape. It’s essential to remove the tape while the paint is still wet in order to get a clean paint edge. However fingers tend to end up very messy! I’m so glad acrylic paint is water based.

masking removed

The lines as they stand remind me of musical stave lines, I’m almost tempted to change my design to incorporate musical lines. I say almost, but I need to stick to my original idea.

Finally I tidied up so it’s all ready for the church service tomorrow.

I can’t get access tomorrow, so the next instalment will be on Monday. Then it’s  time to start playing with paint effects.

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