Sunday, 14 February 2010

Valentine’s day card – cartoons of the non icky kind!

Much as I love my hubby, (Hi dear!) we tend not to go all gooey over Valentine’s day cards. This is my Cartoon creation for him today – he loved it! Artistically it’s not my best, and if I were doing it again I’d alter a few minor things but overall, I think it works well. The joke does, at least.

In days of old, Kings and Queens would look to their advisors to suggest suitable gifts to declare their love for one another. Flowers…chocolates…serenades…sonnets…precious jewels…gold. I think I need better Advisors!

The web frustration continues…but it seems to be all working now, finally!

My daughter got bored today and stuck these balloons on the wall using static. I’d just taken them down – only 2 weeks after her party, or is it 3? Yep, it’s 3, never mind. I like balloons and couldn’t resist a picture. Such lovely primary colours.


Last night I started a sketch of an eagle  – I’m going to finish it and might create something else new for tomorrow if I get nothing better done today. I’ve created a cartoon figure as well, but he needs a little redrawing and some ink in my pens – time to hit the bottle I think. Of ink I mean, of course!

For now, you have balloons and a Valentine’s day card. What more could you ask for? Did I hear flowers? Hmm we’ll see, if you’re good, VERY good!

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