Wednesday, 10 February 2010

No artwork today!

Oops missed a day, where does the time go!
Yesterday was more of an art promotion than an art creation day. I spent the morning visiting some local traders about the Buckingham Art Trail. We’re hoping to launch at the Stowe exhibition in March – details to follow on both these events. I then worked on the website for more time and I think I’m nearly there with the website redesign. It’s currently located at but I’ll direct the other web address to it when I’m fully happy. At the moment there are a couple of glitches which I’m trying to sort out with the webhosting company. Or, more correctly, I’m sitting and waiting for them to fix. I’ve started adding shop items –but that’s going to take a while- and there are some annoying empty pages, which I think I’ve hidden pretty well, but they’re still there! Any comments would be appreciated if people want to go check it out.
After some catching up on the household running type activities I settled down to some abstract work in the evening. Stage one completed today and hopefully, there’ll be some painted pictures to clean up and finish tomorrow.  As I write this section, I have no idea whether I will be posting a picture today or not. It will have to wait, in case I sketch something at the swimming pool or this evening.
No pictures, nothing is dry and I didn’t do anything worthy at the pool.

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