Sunday, 31 January 2010

Finished the caricature at last.

Whoopee, I’ve finally finished THAT commission!!!!! Another gift caricature complete! (Dances around the room cheering!") Now, should I post it before it’s been collected. I might wait on that, doesn’t feel right to post yet.I think in furture I might insist on a deadline, when the client does one. This open ended finish time doesn't galvanise any quick action. Mind you, I've had deadlines that were forgotten about before, so that might not work.

I’ve also completed the interview with Whoople, all done and dusted. Just need to wait to find out when it will be posted. I did a sketch of Martine McCucheon in poor light last night. I thought I’d done brown but it’s purple! I can’t decide whether to go over in brown or continue with the purple theme! I don’t think it’s going to be posted as it is.

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