Thursday, 3 December 2009

It's dark in here!

Light has been an issue today, or should I say, lack of it. Makes colour matching hit and miss. Regardlss, I'm progressing slowly with the large painting . I feel like I'm painting the "Forth Bridge" but I'll get there. Working on some trees inspired me to do an abstract, tree based in design... procrastination perhaps. Well I did start it when the paint was drying on the "Big picture" I also produced another figure base abstract using one of my life drawing sketches as a basis for the design. I decided to use a syringe to administer the masking fluid, a technique requiring some practice but ultimately satisfying. I also tried a star using the same tecnique but it ended up more like Lisa Simpson's hair grafted with half a four point compass symbol. (If that makes sense) .None of these are dry yet, of course, so no pictures today.

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