Thursday, 12 November 2009

That was a week, that was!

Where haveI been?

This week has been dogged by illness, I think we've had swine flu! First Ewan, then me, then Dominic. Andrew may be next, but I hope I'm wrong and it's just tiredness.

It all started on Friday, I spent the day cuddling the youngest. I managed a few sketches in the process. Despite all, not too bad a day.

I'd been looking forward to Saturday for about a month. I went to the Art materials live exhibition at the NEC with 3 friends - actually I went around the art section, and the rest went around the crafters section, which was heaving. I had plenty of time to play with materials, for a play, I think it worked quite well. So I decided to keep it as a reference sample.I came away with lots of ideas and suitably excited about what I was going to do when I returned home.

I'd started coughing when we set off, and it gradually worsened as the day progressedf. By the time we are due to leave, I had a headache. After a long car journey, it was getting worse. I hoped it was just dehydration, but 2 drinks later it was no better. I decided to lie down under a duvet with a hot water bottle, and stayed there for the next few days. Dosing myself up with ibuprofen. I only started feeling better yesterday.

Last night was the first sketching I'd done since Saturday - I tried sketching some people at the NEC. Good discipline but it produced nothing I was pleased with. Anyway, here's a little sketch of a glass paperweight I did last night. I might have to add a littl colour, not much, just a wash.

Today, I plan to prepare all the artwork for the exhibition tomorrow.

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