Thursday, 5 November 2009

Remember, remember the 5th of November...

...and we DID! Went to some friends' church Fireworks event - did I mention he's the minister? Anyway we ate then stood around in the, not so, cold, watching some impressive fireworks being set off. The competition was pretty immpressive as well. What's more... it even stayed dry, well almost. The drizzle started about 10 minute before the end but the actual rain held off until we were going back indoors.
Finally went to the "Aim" gallery in Milton Keynes, so long since I last went there. Some really nice work on display... and I've just found out one of them is the mother of one of Andrew's schoolfriends- small world! I'm working on the networking.
Sitting in John Lewis' cafe I did a sketch of the Helter Skelter in Middleton Hall - Christmas display is due to open tomorrow.
After I returned home I decided to crack on with the commission, using what I have. I think I've made some progress with composition but nothing inspirational is crying out yet... It all feels too disconnected. So I sketched Ewan's old car seat... the last of the baby seats! I heard this song this morning, it had me in tears!

"Slipping through my fingers" by Abba. I think I should stop now.

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