Sunday, 15 November 2009

Exhibition entry

Well, it's been an interesting few days, from a logistical point of view, anyway. I finished off the artwork for the exhibition. Loaded it up into the car. I was just returning to the house to pick up the last few bits when I twisted my foot, spraining it. After some frantic phonecalls I was able to get my artwork to the exhibition and have been ferried around by Andrew and various friends to do my stewarding duties. Sadly I'll be missing the best of show presentations at the end. Not that I'm expecting to win, which I won't. Another year with no recognition (sigh -must try harder next year) but I liked most of the winners this year - except one of a tiger, the highly commended was better, in my opinion. (And, no, it wasn't mine!)

This is one of mine titled "1 in 10,000,000+ Reflections on a life lost" Slight technical problems, the acrylic medium hasn't cured properly yet and one of the sheets has move. Apart from that I'm pleased how well it turned out and that the images lined up correctly when viewed from the front!
The image is of my Great Uncle Albert who went missing in action on 8th June 1918. The layers represent
White = spirit and soul
Red = bloodshed
Brown = mud and the dirtiness of war
Black = death both actual death but also death of possibility and potential.
The images show aging at the front, something he will never do.


Brian and Diana on NB Harnser said...

I think that is really clever. You should be winning some prises as you turn out some very good work.

Drawn to Caricature said...

Thank you! I've just found out I received a "Highly Commended" in the BAFA competition. I just need to find out which entry it was which was Highly commended!

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