Sunday, 11 October 2009

Where did the time go?

I was hoping to have a caricature for today's post, but she's not finished yet. I don't know where the time went today. Later start than normal but not unreasonably late. Did the usual Saturday morning catch up on sleep and slow start. Went out late morning to shop and pick up a "Craft robo" which is a mechanical cutter. I've been wanting one for ages for my scrapbooks and this one came up cheap. My compensation for not getting to go on my Life Drawing class. I'm finally getting around to installing the software as we speak.

I did some reading on the site I found yesterday, and also in the latest "Artist" magazine. Then we had some visitors who left around the time I needed to start dinner. We did rearrange Siobhan's room. I finally managed a little drawing this the evening.

So, as I love to include a piccy, here's the other abstract I did yesterday.

This one is called "Searching for meaning". There are words hidden in the patterns. Some clearly visible whilst others are hidden and you need to look hard to find them, some you may not find at all, but if you know where to look they can be found. It's meant as a reflective piece.


Update: I've just change the picture. I'd posted the wrong one yesterday, oops.

(Actually, it was this morning, but that's just being pedantic.)

Sorry to anyone who was trying to find the words.

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