Friday, 9 October 2009

...and I was having such a good day!

Today started well, I've created 2 abstracts which might even be finished tonight. I had a play at creating a concept art video, several mistakes later it is progressing... the subject is more poignant in hindsight! My googleanalytics connections has been fixed! All good so far...

There I was in my happy place when I checked my email around 5.00pm - my internet gallery application has been rejected! I'm not impressed. Looking at the site, I'm not sure why. They seem to have a lot of conceptual work but they also have paintings which are worse than mine. As usual, they've replied with "we have too many applications to give feedback"...

Picture a movie filler sequence denoting the passing of 4 hours...

(I did have a little rant written there earlier but have since thought better of it. )

Why won't they give feedback? I'm a reasonable person willing to listen to advice. I might not take it, but I will listen.


OK, I feel better for that! Nothing like a good shout to get the frustration out of your system.

Now to focus on my artwork...

This is one of today's abstracts. It hasn't got a title yet. The other one does but needs a little more tidying up. I've been playing with a concept I've done before, just curious how a different choice of colours would work.


I've found an interesting site advising artist's on promotional strategies - I'm impressed. There are several things that I can do. I need to rethink my promotional strategy... Not now though my brain hurts from all that reading. I might stretch some paper tonight but then it's off to bed.

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