Friday, 23 October 2009

Can I panic now? - Presenting Keira Knightly in a "Dragged through the hedge backwards" hairstyle.

I spent most of today working on some abstracts which are now drying. At 2.00pm -midway through painting a wash- I had a call. One of the local schools is having a fundraising event. A Christmas fair on 25th November. It's too good an opportunity to miss, even if I don't sell anything it will be good advertising. I've decided to try some live caricaturing again- what have I got to lose? The realisation is now setting in, I have less than a month to hone my skills. I feel a rise of trepidation as the reality sinks in. With this in mind I spent the last hour practicing. I did a recognisable David Tennent, not my best. This is my second attempt at Keira, the jaw line is off but otherwise, I think it works. This was a 10 minute sketch. Her hair is a mess, but it's designer mess and pretty close to the photo I used. I really must work on Hair and Bodies...oh yeah and lips, still very nervous about lips. One slip and it looks like the subject has done a round with Mike Tyson or a spider's just escaped from the ink pot all over the page!

Keira Knightly 006

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