Thursday, 22 October 2009

Another productive day

I've had a lovely day - oh help I sound like a mediocre postcard! Stop it now!

Inspired by some flowers purchased on Saturday, this abstract came into being. It positively grew on the page. The photograph isn't too good, the flash has reacted with the iridescent finish, so the detail is a little lost. Night time photography is always a little fraught! Might have to redo and change tomorrow.

So, without final ado,

may I present you with a bunch of flowers, Chrysanthemums, to be precise!


I've got to spend some time completing application forms. It's nearly time to do the BAFA competition. I printed them off last night. Only when I removed them from the printer did I realise I'd printed them at 68% actual size. Fine if you're a chipmunk, but a little small for me. They are now restored to their proper size. and awaiting by scribblings. I've still to decide about the third entry. I have an idea I'm working on which might be ready in time, but I need to act fast and I'm still working out some compositional issues.

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