Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Well, I had 4 days!

Feeling decidedly down today. Packed everyone off to school this morning and was just having a cup of tea and sorting out shopping list before heading into Buckingham to do weekly shop. I had a phonecall, Dominic thought he was starting a migraine, my heart sank. We decided to dose him up and see if that would stop things. I dashed into town and had just returned to the car, planning to load up and then nip back for one more item when I got the call to ask me to collect him. I thus collected him and returned home. Mercifully it was a very mild one and he hasn't been sick - hooray!

So, to the drawing, did an ink sketch of a still life, I don't like it. I really don't like it. The tray is one of the worst elipses I've managed! I'm not sharing it! I won't, you can't make me!

I then started an abstract. That's much better but needs to dry. I'll add it tomorrow!CIMG4216

I'm thinking of calling it "Fractured" but that might change.

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