Monday, 28 September 2009

Out and about, again!

Finally, I had a day without children. Ewan was off Wednesday to Friday last week, sigh! He's much better now. I had a few small tasks to do in Buckingham today, so I took advantage of the situation to do some sketching. It was going to be a watercolour pencil sketch but got converted into a line and wash, seems to work better for buildings.
Buckingham Parish Church
I've left the sketchbook edges, for artistic effect, yes, that's it. I've been doing a lot of buildings over the last year as they're something I've tended to avoid. I never felt I was any good at them, I'm coming around. I also tend to be put off by complex buildings, but I'm realising that they're actually easier.
I've also started a two abstracts, I love days when I get some control over what I do!

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