Tuesday, 29 September 2009

It was all going so well

I've had a bit of an upsy downsy day, today. Firstly it started well, up nice and early, time to pray and enjoy the peace and quiet before the children awoke. I even got ahead with the daily tasks. The plan was to drop the children off at the relevant schools and bus-stops, before popping into town to do the food shopping and then back to do some art. Drop-off went fine, all according to plan, then I started catching up with a friend, we stopped when we heard the church bells chiming 10 o'clock. Fortunately they are 15 minutes slow but it was still later than planned. I then decided to have a cuppa and catch up on emails and sort out shopping list. I have another commission - whoopeee! Need to email back and work on some ideas for it, but all good:0)

I then went into town - some 1 and 1/2 hours later than originally intended. On my return I cracked on with some abstracts.Then I picked up an acrylic painting I started months ago. It's been sitting there, the errors in the figures shouting at me, so I spent ages correcting them. All the time thinking something was wrong, the paint wasn't mixing properly. I finally looked at the tubes and realised I'd put white OIL paint on the palette instead of ACRYLIC! You can put oil over acrylic but not the other way around...so it had to come off, all of it. I was not happy (*@@@@****???????) Anyway, now I've written my post I'm going to do some sketching, not sure what yet.

So, in the best traditions of Blue Peter

Here's one I did earlier


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