Friday, 11 September 2009

Another completed commission

Finally handed over this latest commission - I have been given permission to post it prior to the "victim" receiving it! Hope he likes it.


I can hear guitar lovers wincing at the thought of opening a bottle on the guitar neck! Noooooooo! Just in case you're reading this Jeremy! ;-)

The rest of the day has been spent packing up artwork for the craft sale tomorrow. Hope it goes well but only time will tell. I had to get some more cellophane and was struck by the cellophane being wrapped in cellophane. There's something delightfully ironic about it, but then, what else would you wrap a roll of cellophane with?


Brian and Diana on NB Harnser said...

I like that one a lot.
I think you are the most prolific blogger that I follow, mind you the rest are boat ones and I only found yours after meeting you all on the boat.

Drawn to Caricature said...

Thank you! Glad you think so. The reason I started the blog was to motivate me draw everyday, in order to have something to post. I'm already doing the art, so I may as well share it.

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