Sunday, 30 August 2009

Tamsin Outhwaite

This little sketch was don this morning. I'm not familiar with her but she's a British actress who's known for being in a soap. As I don't watch them she could be Eve! I'm really happy with he likeness though.

Tamsin Outhwaite

We went to Honiton Hill Rally today. Andrew got his fix on steam engines - like a boy in a candy shop he was. There was very low cloud so with the steam, visibility was very poor. I also discovered that candy floss melts in damp atmosphere! I'm not a fan myself but we thought we'd get some for the children but Ewan and Siobhan were on the bouncy castle. There wasn't much left by the time they had finished, just a sticky horrible mess.

We're heading for home late so will not be back until the wee small hours. Rather that than brave the bank holiday exodus tomorrow. Schools are back this week so the world and his wife will be headed back!

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