Thursday, 20 August 2009

OK, so what is a monoprint?

I've been gaily publishing monoprint images assuming people knew what they are. Until yesterday when a friend asked me to explain what they were. So, for the sake of my friends and non arty people, I'll explain, shall I?

Firstly, the monoprint term refers to one print image being taken from the plate although, in reality, 2 or 3 more prints may be taken but these will not be as good as the first. They can be one colour (monochrome) or coloured. There are a few techniques which can be used: - 

1 - Using a very smooth surface, such as a glass plate, ink, oil paint or acrylic paint (with a drying inhibitor) is applied using a roller. 

a- A sheet of paper is placed gently on top and an image drawn using a pencil or other tool on the paper. The paper is then removed and the printed image will be seen on the reverse of the page.

b- The design is wiped away using a cloth, cotton bud, palette knife etc. Paper is then placed on top and rubbed gently before being removed to reveal the printed image.

2- Ink or oil paint is applied to the plate directly to form an image on the plate. Brushes, palette knives or rollers can be used. The paper is then applied directly to the plate and rubbed lightly to transfer the image to the page.

2nd and 3rd takes are often used as a base for mixed media work and are worked on more to produce a "finished" picture.

Obviously, this is a very brief description and there is a lot more I could say but I'm not going to. Try looking here for more information. OK, I'll will now come out of teacher mode!

I'm not happy with any of my scribbles today so I won't add a current picture but I'll show you another monoprint. A second take that has been worked on.

Fish 2

This is a working of the Fish image seen earlier here. I used iridescent pastels which never show up well when scanned! Pah!

I've had the green light for my latest commission so that will probably be the focus of tomorrow. That and shopping for school shoes - ugh! At least I only need to get one pair this time!

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