Monday, 13 July 2009

Monoprints and abstracts

I finished a couple of abstracts yesterday so here is my favourite. It's called "They trample our hearts". I wasn't sure it was going to work but I think it's turned out quite well. I could do some arty waffle here. It's a metaphorical piece about childhood, how whilst we might follow in each other's footsteps, the impression we leave is different and unique to us. The colours represent earth, life and passion. The heart represents love and can be difficult to find, but is there for those who seek it. The black lines the relationships which tie us together, tenuous, fragile and yet beautiful when seen together. Is that enough arty waffle?


I've also photographed a monoprint from last week. No arty waffle here, it's a fish, I like fish and it was all I could think of to crawl out of the Artist's block I was in!


Today I've been working on a commission. An acrylic painting of a dog. She's a scruffy thing but quite sweet. So far I've done the background and roughly positioned her, then decided she needed moving so painted over most of my original outlines. Frustrating. That was my main activity for today despite setbacks I'm at a net gain.

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