Friday, 17 July 2009

Where does the time go?

Last week of term is over and I haven't posted since Monday. I haven't had a good week for drawing, well not completing at least. Too much going on

I've been working on the recent commission, going well so far. Not ready to post .

Tuesday's drawing time was taken up with a BAFA Art gallery meeting... very useful, there is talk of continuing the Buckingham Art trail and actually advertising it more extensively. I can't even find a proper web link. Just 4 lines on the Buckingham festival site - hopeless!

Wednesday was taken with craft club, a completely pointless afternoon trip to collect a part, which hadn't arrived. A swimming lesson and an evening on the boat.

Thursday was a leavers assembly and then sorting out leaving stuff for today.

Today was an awards ceremony and a child who claimed to be well, but is far too quiet and cuddly for normal. He was in full Limpet mode. I sent out some more approaches to gallery. Got a rejection slip which had me quite positive until I engaged brain and realised it was probably a form email - ho hum!

Tomorrow we're, hopefully, back on the boat.

Cathy Read -Evolution

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