Friday, 5 June 2009

Eye strain

I'm posting early tonight, in case I don't get any pictures finished this evening. My abstract has stalled for a while as I'm trying to get some large eyelets and the chap on the market isn't getting anymore until Tuesday -hopefully. So, I've started another acrylic picture, commenced yesterday. I used the sock technique which works well for backgrounds. Then spent most of yesterday peeling off a thick layer of acrylic paint from my fingertips - wonder if it's any good for skin? I doubt it as art materials have a history of being nasty either toxic or corrosive, frequently both.

The picture is progressing well, although I did get a bit distracted today as I had some ebay items finishing which were going well. Spot the OCD tendencies. I've been selling off a collection of Queen memorabilia to fund my art materials - I really need some commissions! I've also been continuing with my trawl through gallery web sites and nominated one for a "Web sites that Suck" award! I'm still amazed by some of the rubbish that passes for art - I'm seriously considering sending some of my life drawing class work to galleries. It's much better than the stuff they're selling as finished art! Especially Tracey Emin's latest efforts - but I'll avoid getting on my hobby horse about her!

Surprisingly Siobhan liked the Miley Cyrus picture! I'm going to try some more quick caricaturing tonight, I need to get my speed up again. I missed the deadline for the Bedfordshire County show so I'm aiming for either an August Bank holiday fair or a Steam Rally and art fair in September - all the other stuff is too far logistically.

I also had a letter today from a schoolboy looking for work experience as he wants to be an artist and caricaturist. I haven't replied yet but I think I might be able to offer him something useful!

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