Thursday, 14 May 2009

Sharon Osbourne

Sharon Osbourne Today I've been painting and spending some time on quick sketches. I'm very pleased with this one of Sharon Osbourne. Yes, there are some mistakes in the body and background but the head worked really well... first time there was no preliminary pencil work. It was all achieved in 10 minutes, which is a reasonable goal for live caricaturing - did I mention I was doing the Bedford show? Oh, yes, I did! OK, press on.

I've also sorted out my editing frustrations from yesterday...use the old software! So now I'm going to post them and finish my market research sheets. Hopefully get some more painting in later - ooh today's working out well. Mmm, should I have said that? I'll let you know tomorrow.

Just post an abstract below to add some colour. This one's called "Fire" Guess why!

Fire 001

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