Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Feeling uninspired today

Spent the day working on getting a market research analysis ready. Spent 2 frustrating hours trying to edit some pictures I'd scanned in. They were large so had to be scanned in parts and reattached. Every time I got nearly there the software crashed.

Felt very uninspired but was looking forward to life drawing class tonight. I ended up missing the first 30 minutes due to Andrew's bus being late. Managed two drawing that I really liked. After only three classes I've learnt a lot. Really finding it helpful and partially making up for lack of art school.

No no no, I must write something interesting. But NOTHING interesting has happened apart from a discussion about body piercing in relation to a potential model for life drawing class. We decided that we would all probably not want to be forced to look at a piercing of that particular size ,in that particular location for any length of time. The male tutor felt the need to sit down at this particular time... and made an executive decision.

I've decided to try and do some more public stuff so I'm planning to book a table at Bedford County show and do some live caricature drawings. Just got to complete the forms, me and paperwork... I must not procrastinate!

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