Thursday, 21 May 2009

The Queen does Pink!

The Queen 001 A little late but here she is at last. I couldn't get the idea of HRH singing the Pink song, but she would alter they lyrics slightly, wouldn't she? Before you think it, yes, it is a young version of the Queen. It was accurate to the picture I found... but I don't know how old that was. I'm sticking to the argument that caricatures always make you look younger and I even added lines to make her seem older.

I found an interesting picture of Pink with the burning paper frame- I just gave her an open top car - far more stylish.

Today I finally finished a scrapbook page I've been working on for about a month - no motivation.

I also completed an abstract. Then there was the life drawing class. Conversation was far more civilised this week. About the state of Art education in British Universities - specifically the poor standards of drawing exhibited by the students. My last drawing was even in colour!

Now, time for bed as Zebadee would say.

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