Friday, 1 May 2009

Do I LOOK happy?!!!!!!

CIMG3790 This is one sorry dog. He's had his bandage removed but has to wear this for a week because he won't leave the stitches alone. When I look at him I imagine he's thinking "Do I look happy? First I cut my paw and am not allowed to lick it better. Next I get taken to the vets and have to stop Overnight. Then I have a purple bandage on it. That gets changed for one that rubs and give me a sore on the side of my thumb. Then I get that removed and have to wear this thing for a week!" He's been looking like this since we got home.

So, the conspiracy continues, I have the eldest sick again - sent home from school yesterday and I took the dog to the vet. I've managed to do some abstract work and I'm hoping to get on with a portrait this afternoon/evening - here's hoping!

I've been looking through the artist's yearbook trying to identify competitions to enter. Residences seem very appealing at the moment...!

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