Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Eric Bana

Eric Bana This handsome chap was on the cover of the Telegraph magazine this week, and I was looking for inspiration. I think I found it! Quite pleased with the result. I'm still focusing on the black and white images, trying to go back to some caricatures.

Apparently he's in the new Star Trek Movie playing the baddie. If he's the baddie, the chap playing Kirk will have to be seriously good looking to get my vote, or at least a better actor. (I've always preferred Patrick Stewart to William Shatner.)

I've been working on a large abstract but I've got a teeny little problem. I'm running out of acrylic paint and I can't justify getting some more for a couple of weeks. I might have to ebay some stuff see if I can get the funds that way. Or go mixed media...

No life drawing class this week, tutor away, but next week I'm out twice, hear me twice! BAFA meeting and life drawing class, can't wait.

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