Monday, 18 May 2009

The artistic leanings of a Springer Spaniel

I didn't get my caricature finished. Spent too long tweaking the website following some feedback comments.

The dog has been gradually eating his way through my art supplies. Friday he pierced a tube of red acrylic paint, yesterday he chewed a putty rubber to little tiny pieces and today he's chewed the top of one of my fine liner pens. Maybe he wants to try his hand (or rather paw) at painting and drawing.

So I thought I'd draw on previous career experience and look for pointers from my child development work.

Early stages of doggy art.

1. Initial play - mouth crayons and screw up the paper - check

2. Stop mouthing crayons and screwing up the paper and start to make meaningful marks on paper - er, no, still eats everything in sight!

Ah well, back to the drawing board...

He is doing some rather nice conceptual art on the living room carpet though. As indicated above his recent pieces are entitled "Rubber Explosion", "Masticated marker" and "Tube Extrude"

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