Thursday, 19 March 2009

Soooo tired!

Yesterday was a strange day. Spent the day in London as Siobhan plus approx 1700 other children from Buckinghamshire performed at the Royal Albert Hall in LondonP3181500. Time for a very proud Mum moment. In the big picture below, she's in purple on the right , very back row next to the gap. This was the balloon release at the end. The picture on the right was taken just as we arrived at 11.30am. often school performances can be dire but this was a really slick performance which was very entertaining. A very long day for all we left at 9.40am and returned at 00.40am the next day.
I went along for the chance for a completely child free day. Left them on arrival in London, saw them once or twice in Kensington gardens and joined up at the end of the performance.
IFigures had a very busy day with lots of drawing done around the Albert memorial and Kensington Gardens. Also took lots of photos, some of which will get posted once I can figure out how to put watermarks on. Rather, when I find the time as I've a lot to do today and that painting won't finish itself! Here are some of my sketches. This first one was a five minute figure sketch, the plan is to include it in a painting.
Royal Albert hall
The next is obvious, Albert hall from the Albert memorial -I spent longer on this one - about 45 minutes. I'm still fighting with my phobia of buildings. I get so daunted by the prospect and often feel overwhelmed by all the clean lines which have to be reproduced precisely if the image is to be effective. This one got a bit smudged in the drawing book.
Royal Albert memorialRoyal school of musicThis next one (right) is a detail from a marble statue. It looks a foreshortened, probably due to the angle it was taken but the sun was starting to get to me by this one so who knows. I know, there was sun!!!!!!!!
The last one is an ink sketch drawn from the cafe in the Albert Hall looking out the window. There is a fascinating, almost maze like garden, which caught my eye. I really think this one worked despite some - to my eye- major flaws - I won't draw your attention to them as you might not have noticed.
I've had a few onlookers, but not as many as I feared there might be, and all were very encouraging. With the photographs and sketches I've got plenty to keep me going for a while. I'm quite taken with the images I took of Princess Diana Memorial Fountain and I've some ideas for abstracts.

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