Sunday, 22 February 2009


No portraits today. I might start one later, once I've sorted out the children's school uniforms for tomorrow. Old Gaol
This is my sketch from yesterday. I decided not to crop it, I like the sketchbook frame. I drew it in Buckingham Yesterday- sitting on a pack of nappies, the ground was cold. I'm wondering whether to build it up to a painting, The bollard at the front has a lovely peeling paint I texture and the stone is seriously weathered, nice smooth flags.I see potential...mmm I think it will probably need some people. Did a couple of rough sketches of people sitting on the steps eating lunch. I had to do them subtly, people tend to get a bit self conscious when you ask them if you can draw them eating lunch. And make it too obvious and you risk hostility. Need to do a few more studies before I start.
So much happier today

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