Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Debbie Harry - at last!

Debbie HarryBack to the caricatures. I finally got around to doing a young Debbie Harry. I must say that I'm quite pleased with this one. Spotted a couple of points that need touching up, but nothing that makes me want to weep. I was taken with the idea that Debbie Harry is always being photographed, what would it be like if she was the photographer - she wouldn't have any trouble with the boys smiling, at least!

The graffiti wall is a reference to a documentary I watched a while ago which mentioned they lived in a semi derelict property in New York in the early years of Blondie. Actually, it's a feeble excuse for me to practice textures - I've got a thing about brick walls and texture. It is probably a sign that I need help. Or a throwback to my upbringing in Manchester surrounded by crumbling cotton mills, most of which have now been demolished. Something that I've been mulling over as an idea for a painting - just doing the research before I start. I'm looking for a particular mill. Unfortunately the only image I've found so far is this one taken from the rear the day it was demolished in 1987! It's a great picture but I need the front - preferably intact. The building is "Times Mill" on Grimshaw Lane in Middleton. It's looking like I'll be working from memory.


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